About us
The amount of time a horse spends on the move directly affects its health and lifespan. Consider the physical, emotional, and psychological benefits your horse would get if it could spend as much time as possible outside, living in a herd, eating all day, and learning to control itself, every single day.   That is what I had in mind for Único (which means unique): a place where he could be active, where he could walk, graze and socialise with other horses. And so, the idea was born. The chance arrived after years of looking for the appropriate land.   And thus, the process began: transforming a traditional riding school into what is today our little equine paradise. I’m Laura, and I’m the owner and founder of Paddock Activo Collserola.   Horses have been my passion since I was a youngster. I was lucky enough to have my first horse when I was 11 years old, and that was the beginning of my life around them. Thanks to Unico, my current horse, and his difficulties, I’ve opened my mind to understand what they truly need.   I have learned and trained in various disciplines throughout these years, including equine biomechanics, barefoot, nutrition, natural horsemanship, stretching, and core strengthening. I am certified in educational groundwork and connected riding and I’m level 1 certified instructor of centered riding.   I founded Paddock Activo Collserola in collaboration with Fran, my partner and companion. Paddock Activo Collserola is my dream come true. A place where we try to get to know and learn more about horses. In our equestrian centre, we aim to integrate horses into nature and improve their overall well-being.