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We have designed our tracks based on the methodology of Jaime Jackson, creator of the Paddock Paradise model for natural horse keeping, to ensure that the horses are cared for in the best possible way.

Paddock Paradise is a stabling model that has been widely used in American and European equestrian centres and is progressively making its way into our country.

In the wild, horses live in herds and move up to 25 km per day, searching for water, food, sand baths, and areas where they can take refuge.

Stimulating their curiosity drives the horses to move through the whole track to reach the many feeding, watering, resting and sheltering spots.

There are several advantages to this. The horses are physically and mentally healthier, thus preventing bad behaviour and vices. Furthermore, because the horses’ digestive system cannot handle huge amounts of food at once, this active and continuous feeding method (slow food) reduces the danger of colic and intestinal issues.

The horse will go through a period in which we remove its shoes, at least from the hindquarters, to prevent damage to its companions.

To integrate new members into the active stable, we follow a progressive process of introduction and adaptation to the pack. As a result, the remainder of the members will accept and reorganize themselves more easily.

The pricing includes the following services:

– Feeding: Diet based on hay throughout the day (slow food) distributed by the track, aside from high-quality natural feed.

– Sand and play areas.

– Water pond for bathing.

– Salt and mineral area.

– Pasture area.

– Shelter area.

– Use of centre facilities.

Services not included: 

We collaborate with various professionals who are experts in the following fields and are available to our clients:

– 24h veterinary team with a hospital.

– Farrier.

– Podiatrist.

– Physiotherapist.

– Osteopath.

– Dentist.

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